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Broadcast Schedule of "Liberate Tibet's Serfs" in CCTV

To commemorate the Liberation Day of millions Tibet's Serfs, CCTV International Channels (CCTV-4/9/E/F) will broadcast a 30-minute documentary-Liberate Tibet's Serfs.

The institution of slavery is the darkest thing in history. It devastates human nature, bereaves human rights and brings untold sufferings to peoples in the whole world up to now. From the beginning of 19th century, the slavery had been abolished in many countries.

"Liberate Tibet's Serfs" reviews the course of the abolition of slavery in UK, France, Germany, US and Russia at the end of 19th century. The program exposes the dark and imbrutement of feudal slavery in Old Tibet, and shows the historical inevitability.

Democratic Reform in Tibet is one of the refulgence and splendor poem in the history of abolition of slavery. It ended the last feudal slavery rule in the world.

The schedule of this live broadcast is as following:


CCTV-4 Asia (Beijing Time)

2009-3-27  20:00

2009-3-28  05:05, 10:10


CCTV-4 Europe (Paris Time)

2009-3-28  00:30, 11:30


CCTV-4 America (New York Daylight Saving Time)

2009-3-27  23:00,

2009-3-28  06:30


CCTV-9 (Beijing Time)

2009-3-28  14:00, 21:30

2009-3-29  01:30, 06:30 


CCTV-F(Beijing Time)

2009-3-28  09:00, 14:00, 16:00


CCTV-E(Beijing Time)

2009-3-28  09:30


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