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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Regular Press Conference on April 11, 2014

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei held a press conference on April 11, 2014.

Hong Lei started the press conference with the following announcement:

At the invitation of Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elías Jaua, Argentine Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship Héctor Timerman and Brazilian Foreign Minister Luiz Figueiredo Machado, Foreign Minister Wang Yi will pay official visits to Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil from April 18 to 27.

Q: Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said this morning that the search for the black box of the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft has very much narrowed down. What is China's comment?

A: We have noted the report. Our appreciation goes to the Australian side for the enormous efforts they have made in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft.

In accordance with the designation of the Australian side, Chinese vessels have been searching together with the Australian side in a sea area that covers 58,000 square kilometers over the past day. Haixun 01, East China Sea Rescue 101, South China Sea Rescue 115 as well as Chinese naval vessels Jinggangshan, Kunlunshan and Haikou are working in this area. Meanwhile, Haixun 31, South China Sea Rescue 101 and the Chinese naval vessel Yongxingdao are still scouring the eastern part of the Indian Ocean.

The international cooperation in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft shows clearly that countries in the region are fully capable of tackling challenges side by side. We are ready to make joint efforts with Malaysia, Australia and all the other parties to step up the search.

Q: The UN Security Council reportedly adopted a resolution on April 10 which authorized the deployment of UN peacekeeping troops in the Central African Republic (CAR). What is China's comment?

A: China follows closely the situation in the CAR. We welcome Resolution 2149 adopted by the UN Security Council on the deployment of a UN peacekeeping operation in the CAR and hope that the operation will play a positive role in alleviating and stabilizing the situation there. The international community should continue its logistic assistance to the African-led International Support Mission in the Central African Republic (MISCA), so as to realize a smooth transfer of authority from the MISCA to the UN peacekeeping operation.

Q: The Six-Party Talks negotiator of the ROK comes to China today for a visit. Please give us more details.

A: Hwang Joon-kook, ROK Special Representative for Korean Peninsula Peace and Security Affairs and Six-Party Talks negotiator comes to China today. Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin will meet with him. Special Representative Wu Dawei of the Chinese Government on the Korean Peninsular Affairs will hold talks with him. The two sides will have in-depth discussions on the current situation of the Korean Peninsula and the resumption of the Six-Party Talks.

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