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Stellungnahme der Sprecherin des chinesischen Außenministeriums zur Verschwörungstheorie des Ursprungs von COVID-19 am 18. Februar 2021

Hua Chunying: ...As we have seen, since COVID-19 broke out, social media in the West has been awash with conspiracy theories about the virus. Some officials, members of Congress, media and institutions have been seeding and spreading a large amount of disinformation against China without producing any evidence. In total disregard of basic facts, they blatantly malign and smear China, or proceed with biased presumption of guilt. I'll give you a simple example. They have been spreading such rumors and lies as "the virus was leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology" even after such claims have been openly dismissed by almost all leading scientists and disease control experts in the world. We can all see this clearly.

...The fundamental reason for this sort of hype-up is that some in the West don't want to hear the objective true voice from China on the issue of origin-tracing. They fear that once more people get to know the facts and truth, they can no longer spread disinformation or monopolize information and mislead the public at will.

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