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Bo's trial underscores China's resolve for rule of law

The unprecedented openness and transparency in the trial of Bo Xilai have been hailed both at home and abroad, the case also underscores the Party's resolve to push the rule of law in China.

Bo, former member of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee Political Bureau and former secretary of the CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee, stood trial from Aug. 22 to 26 in east China's Shandong Province over charges of bribery, embezzlement and abuse of power.

Real-time microblogging of trial proceedings by the courtroom and fierce, orderly arguments between the defendant and prosecutors offered citizens a rare opportunity to tell right from wrong.

The evidence presented in court and during cross-examination fully demonstrated clear facts and evidence is sufficient to charge Bo with the crimes, said prosecutors.

The facts of the crimes are objective and will not be altered by the defendant's own will, they stressed.

The fact-finding is based on all the evidence presented in the case and any attempts to deny or overturn the facts are in vain, prosecutors said.

Some people said they were shocked by some details of the trial.

No doubt, Bo's transparent trial showcases the CPC's persistent crackdown on corruption, as he was among one of the most senior officials to stand trial for graft in recent years. Others include former railway minister Liu Zhijun, who received a suspended death sentence for corruption in July, and Liu Tienan, former energy chief, who has been sacked and is under investigation.

"I was surprised that the trial of such a high-level official can be so open. This is great progress for our judicial system," said a civil servant surnamed Huang in Chongqing city government

Many details revealed by the trial were thought-provoking, said Huang who preferred not giving his full name.

"Bo's case shows us that, no matter how high a profile a person has, he cannot cross the line of laws. We must always honor and respect the law when doing our job. Friendship and family should not overpower duty," he said.

Such cases involving senior officials once again highlighted the application of the rule of law for every organization and individual in the country, including CPC members, no matter how high their posts.

All citizens are equal before the law. No one is allowed to have the special right to overstep the Constitution and laws. Any violation of the Constitution and laws should be investigated.

The open trials of officials like Bo mark great progress in China's judicial system and serve as a serious warning that law-violators should not deceive themselves by supposing they can escape legal punishment through good luck.

With the detailed proceedings microblogged live, the trial was a direct and strong response to reports that have been bashing China's political and legal systems.

For the public, it was a vivid lesson for how the rule of law should be respected.

The authority and dignity of the legal system must be maintained and the rule of law should be given greater scope in the country's governance and social management to ensure people enjoy extensive rights and freedoms as prescribed by law.

To follow the rule of law, senior officials should take the lead in enforcing and observing the law. Bo's trial is part of the country's unremitting efforts in this regard and will greatly boost the confidence of the public in the rule of law and clean governance.

The CPC is leading the world's biggest developing country to build an all-around well-off society and realize the great rejuvenation of the nation. The rule of law is a must to achieve these great goals.

Bo awaits a verdict that will stand the test of time. The CPC faces a test in the country's full implementation of the rule of law in governing the country.

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