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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang's Remarks on US Secretary of State Pompeo's China-related Comments on November 8, 2019

Q: US Secretary of State Pompeo said during his visit to Germany that German telecommunications network is facing complicated challenges presented by the Chinese Communist Party. In previous interviews, he also said that the US needs to make sure the world knows the risks brought by the CPC and the consequences of long-term tolerance. I wonder if you have a comment on his remarks?

A: China deplores and firmly opposes Mr. Pompeo's words that smeared China's political system as well as domestic and foreign policies, hyped up so-called "China threat", and were full of ideological bias and Cold-War, zero-sum game mentalities.

Mr. Pompeo is trying to drive a wedge between the Chinese people and the Communist Party of China (CPC) by severing the bond between them. Let me make it clear: the CPC, as our country's ruling party, has always been representing and defending our people's interests over the past decades, and it has been deeply trusted and warmly endorsed. Words and deeds intended to alienate the CPC from the people are considered provocations to all Chinese nationals. They are doomed to fail.

I must point out the fact that Mr. Pompeo's comments are extremely dangerous and unworthy of the US Secretary of State. His words further reveal a sinister intention to gain political capital for himself by taking anti-China moves.

We urge him to stop badmouthing China. If he continues doing so, the negative effects will only boomerang on himself.

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